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A Chakra is a spinning energy centre within our bodies. Some like to think of them as ponds within a stream of energy that runs through our bodies. Each pond has a purpose. Each Chakra governs different areas of the physical body. Energy imbalances within the chakra system can manifest in many symptoms, things that we don’t even really pay attention to like a headache or a rash. By noticing which chakra seems to be imbalanced and studying the chakra’s corresponding organs, glands and muscles we can work towards balance – mind, body and spirit. Chakra in Sanskrit =means wheel.

Our Therapeutic Yoga combines various holistic methods. We offer:

1. Yoga Therapy for Psychological Ailments and long standing diseases: Sleeplessness, Allergies, Tensions, Depressions, Phobias, Anxiety, Shyness, Inferiority Complex, Stage fear, Exam fear, Concentration, Personality development, Leadership Qualities.
2. Yoga therapy for common diseases: Cold, Running nose, Cough, Obesity, Gastric, Weight loss, Indigestion, Weight gain, Headache, Thyroid, Hormonal imbalance, Sinusitis, Breathlessness, Asthma, Back-pain, Spondilitis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Constipation, Menstrual disorders, Impotence, Paralysis, Stammering, Stuttering etc.
3. Yoga Therapy for Vata, Pitta, Khapa and Yogic Massage.
4. Psychological Counseling, Food and Life style.
5. Khaya Shuddi, Yogic Kriyas for Chakras shudhi. Pranas Shudhi, Pancha tattwa Shudhi, and Manas Shudhi

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