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Mahayogah Sarvasiddhidah
Mahayogah Sarvasiddhidah

MahaYoga Academy was created to combine depth, integrity, and value. Our mission is to honor the ancient tradition of yoga, meditation and spiritual healing, even as we incorporate them into modern life.

At MahaYoga Academy, we believe that yoga goes beyond asana. Our program nourishes the whole person, which leaves our students to face the life with confidence. With us, you’ll get to experience yoga as a way of life.

Our warm, uplifting setting will both challenge and support you. It’s often described as family. You’ll walk in a student, and you’ll leave as a master of your life, ready to explore your deepest potential.

Our Training beautifully blends the traditional Hatha Yoga while implementing today’s modern Vinyasa Flow. It brings you a balance between a holistic, grounding practice and a strong and dynamic style. As a result, you will walk out with a solid Academy in Yoga

A Chakra is a spinning energy centre within our bodies. Some like to think of them as ponds within a stream of energy that runs through our bodies. Each pond has a purpose. Each Chakra governs different areas of the physical body. Energy imbalances within the chakra system can manifest in many symptoms, things that we don’t even really pay attention to like a headache or a rash. By noticing which chakra seems to be imbalanced and studying the chakra’s corresponding organs, glands and muscles we can work towards balance – mind, body and spirit. Chakra in Sanskrit =means wheel.

Our Spiritual Healing combines various holistic methods to give you a wholesome feeling of wellness and to face the world with courage and optimism…

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Mahā Yoga is an inner and outer transformative practice that focuses on Raja Yoga Dhyana, or the Royal Path of Deep Meditation, to train the mind to enter a state of awareness “Self Realisation”. As well as focuses on Hatha Yogic Techniques and Vedic Mantra Sadhana for developing physical growth, material growth, and is used as a healing practice.

MahaYoga yogis practice Vedic Mantra, Hatha Yoga Techniques and Deep Meditation to remove the veils of illusion that obscure the mind, thereby gaining pure perception and knowledge of reality. This practice is, among other things, used to remove aggression and anger.

MahaYoga also is used to describe a path of yoga also known as Siddha yoga. This path consists of seeking initiation through a guru, who absorbs the yogi’s negative karma and awakens kundalini shakti energy. Regular meditation helps the yogi reach a state of self-realization.

MahaYoga is a Sanskrit word that means “Great Yoga”. The control of mental fluctuations is called MahaYoga. The adepts classify this MahaYoga into four types namely:
1) Mantra Yoga, 2) Hatha Yoga, 3) Raja Yoga & 4) Laya Yoga which bring about all the siddhis (Supernatural Powers) and offer salvation to the living beings.

During sadhan, a MahaYoga initiate will automatically experience the physical and mental practices of other Yoga or spiritual paths depending on the specific requirements of his body, mind and the accumulated impressions of his past deeds (Karma).

If an initiate needs specific Asanas and Pranayam (regulated breathing) to purify his body, mind and spirit (Prana), these Yogic practices will happen automatically.

This is reflected in the MahaYoga- teachings of the “ten cosmic commandments,” Ten ways to intervene in the operations of the conventional world and alter its momentum for the benefit of others.

MahaYoga is one of the four methods of spiritual practices in Tantric Sidha Tradition that comprises, ten commandments. They are;
1) Mantra Sadhana; to attain body, mind & spiritual realization
2) Kriyas; detoxification of body through shat karmas i.e through six yogic practices
3) Asanas; yogic postures with systematic breathing technics
4) Pranayamas; science of controlling & managing the prana shakti through ancient hata yogh technics
5) Bandhas; to attain inner stability through systematic yogic practices
6) Mudras; to manage flow prana which will directly influence on Panamaya kosha in attaining Gnana Sakti, Kriya Sakti & Icha Sakti
7) Yoga Nidra; “sleepless sleep” yogic sleep
8) Dhyana; Meditation technics
9) Ahara Vijnana; the science of food &
10) Jivana Krama; live with great discipline.

MahaYoga is held to emphasise the generation stage (or “development stage”) of Tantra. In MahaYoga, one visualizes oneself as the divinity with consort. “All manifestation, thoughts and appearances are considered to be the sacred aspects of the divinities within relative truth,” in the words of Para Brahma.

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